Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dilemma (no spell check for subject)

I tried to sell six magazines on ebay for what I thought might be $200. Only one sold, for twenty dollars. They were the first issues of Blue magazine if you are wondering. I thought if I did ok from the ebay sales, then I could justify buying three dvds that I really want.

First is The Plank. I did not know there were two versions. A bit of net searching was an education. The first one was a movie made in the 1950s starring Eric Sykes. The second one was a made for tv version also starring Eric Sykes but with Arthur Lowe.

The latter is the one I want because it is the one I know.

Sticking with the silent theme, the other two are Jacques Tati films.

Monsieur Hulot's Holiday and Mon Oncle. I have them all on video tape, but I want to see them bright and clear.

I found them all on the net after some serious searching.

Problems though, apart from cost.

The The Plank (tv) movie I could only find on video. Phhh. It will deteriorate quickly and not good clear copy anyway.

There is no guarantee that the the Jacques Tati movies will have the minimalist French sound track.

Biggest problem though, I don't actually have a dvd player. (For the integrity of the post, you will discount the pc dvd player)

It is my birthday tomorrow. (big grin)

Just kidding.


  1. The Tati DVDs just got remastered and re-released in Australia recently. I was charged with finding them and buying them for a friend's birthday a little while ago. Found them at Readings in Carlton. I haven't watched all of them, but did see one - Mon Oncle I think... and yes, it does have a minimalist French soundtrack! So if you do a little hunting, you should be able to find it around.

  2. Thanks Daniel. Remastered will be great. I found them online for around $31 each including postage, but there is nothing like holding the product in your hand before buying it. I will check out Readings.

  3. Further, spotted the box sets in the window of Borders at Chadstone on Sunday.

  4. 25 minute trip in the car to Chadstone, plus return, plus 10 minutes to park car and walk to Borders, 10 mins back, 10 mins to look equals 80 mins, most of which is driving. Think I will take the Readings, Carlton option via tram, thanks anyway Daniel. Never shopped in Carlton. That will be fun. What's the bet they will be more expensive than online? But if not too much dearer, that is ok. Readings in a valuable institution.