Friday, February 18, 2005

Digger wannabe rant

John Farnham performing at Gallipoli? What a great idea. Isn't that what the diggers fought for? So that we could have pop concerts at a war commemorations?

War is a terrible and evil thing and should be avoided at almost all costs. Many misguided young Australians were sent to their deaths for love of their country and without good reason as were people from around the world.

Would it not just be possible for people to sit and be quiet, think, reminisce and reflect without the distraction of a pop singer or any overt entertainment. It must be a magical and eerie experience to wake early at Gallipoli and feel the ghosts of the past around you. You could look out to sea and imagine the all the young men landing on the beach, only to be shot a few seconds later. Anonymous soldiers? No, someone's husband, boyfriend, lover, son, mate. How could anything but silence and perhaps the eerie sounds of the The Last Post or mournful bagpipes accompany that feeling.

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clarke, quickly put the kabosh on it and good on her. One step ahead of our 'I know nuffing' PM Howard. She is a curious woman about who we don't know much in Australia. But I like what I see. Hope they win the cricket, just to rub a bit of salt into the wounds of the west island. This Australian feeling of superiority is getting dangerous.

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