Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thai island drug bacchanalia

The news from Thailand is sad. It always is when people are killed. Just people out for a good time at an open air dance party, and it went very very wrong. Imprudent as it may have been to travel on an overcrowded boat, you do place an amount of trust in the operators of these crafts. You think they do it all the time, they are experienced, they know the country and know what the repercussions will be if it goes wrong.

A few years ago, I used to chat to a guy in Bangkok who was a regular at the Full Moon Parties at Koh Samui. In fact he set up a website to feature it with a picture bias towards him, his sister........ well, the family resemblance was so strong, it must have been his sister, and their friends. And he had friends from all over the world, predominately Western Europe.

What I liked about his description, was that how local Thai people, obviously the better off ones and farang would mix in and it was a truly multi cultural party. Maybe it has changed, but back then it was one mother of a drug fest too. Now I am not being a wowser. I know how good some recreational drugs can be. But if the parties continued in the form they used to, then I wonder why Thai authorities allowed it. You can be sure the parties will undergo significant change now.

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