Sunday, January 23, 2005

One big mother of a city

Quite a long time ago, but in my memory, Melbourne was a delightful place on a Sunday. The only traffic of any significance was on the Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, the beach road to Mornington Peninsular and the Geelong Rd to the Bellarine Peninsular.

The city was dead, although you could get a nice cup of tea or instant coffee in a couple of places. There was little traffic and the trams just rolled along without any sense of urgency. Their only passengers were old ladies going to church. No nonsense about doors being closed before the tram could move. Just a simple timber barrier on the off side was enough and there weren't any doors on the on side.

But Melbourne is now a very big city. Businesses operate 24 hours a day. You can get pissed any time of the day in a bar. You can go out at 7am to a night club. You can gamble almost any time. There are traffic jams at 2am on Friday and Saturday nights in Chapel St.

I kinda liked the old Melbourne, but I quickly take and use the benefits of the new Melbourne. With five million people, even though spread out a bit, it is one big city now and while many things about it drive me crazy and fustrate me, I love Melbourne.

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