Monday, January 24, 2005

Media lies

I am probably to the point now that I distrust the media in an unhealthy way. Take the resignation of Mr Mark Latham, as leader of Her Majestie's Opposition and Member for Werriwa.

He appeared on tv bemoaning the media disturbing his privacy at home before he resigned. He mentioned that they were even hounding the neighbours in his street and the police had to be called. Bit much, I thought. You can't help who you live near. Mr Derryn Hinch lives in our apartment block and someone has mentioned that one day he might upset someone and they will find out where he lives and firebomb the building.

But it is quite true about Mr Latham. One neighbour called the police. The rest were fine with the media. One neighbour even asked them in for a swim in their pool.

The one neighbour who called the police, happened to be Mr Latham's sister who lives next door to him.

Did you hear that in the general media? But then what I just wrote also came from the media, so who can you trust. No one really. Just let it wash over you.

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