Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Got a spare buck mate?

Nice dinner at Tran Tran in Victoria Street Sunday night and walked the street afterwards. Boy was the street a mess, but not as bad as it will be next Sunday when the lunar new year is celebrated.

I believe there is a window cleaner who works Victoria St, but only every third Thursday afternoon, if required.

Partner and friends decided they needed a gelati, as if they hadn't eaten enough already. Not my favourite thing, so I declined and waited outside. In the couple of minutes they were inside, twice I was asked for money. What is about me? Why am seen as such a soft touch? I need to develop a, 'don't f***ing well speak to me c***', expression I think. Trouble is, they always catch me offguard.

I have never noticed it in Victoria St before, but there did seem to be some open dealing happening and some pretty obvious users around.

It was the quietest I have seen Tran Tran, and many other places were empty, although there were some very full restaurants. I wonder if the the lack of customers for the restaurants and the drug business could be connected. I used to enjoy our strolls down Victoria Street, but I will think twice about it next time.

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  1. Tran Tran is a good restaurant. Been there before. When i use to work on the Epping line, we use to frequent Binh Minh's which was also very good.

    When dealing with ferals, I love to just stare right through them or glare, and if they ask, have a really pissed off look on my face. I'm allowed to be cruel.