Friday, January 14, 2005

Gaslight Market

The plan was to catch the William St tram into the city and meet friends at corner of Peel and Victoria Sts. We would then go into Queen Victoria Market's night market, Gaslight Market and buy some food from one of the many exotic food stalls and cruise the interesting arts and crafts on display.

But no one told us half of Melbourne had the same idea. There were maybe twenty food outlets, overpriced, and all with queues twenty plus deep. The stalls weren't many and what you see any Sunday at Vic Market. The tables for eating were crowded and filthy. So many people walking around with wine and beer in their hands, screaming kids, pushing and shoving.

Oh well, was a nice idea anyway.

Off to Victoria Street Richmond for some sanity and proper food. As we were walking to our friends car, we happened across a grotty little Indian restaurant at the top of Elizabeth St. We took a chance and sat under the punkah and had a great feed of three curries, rice, samosas, pakoras, nan, raita and a drink for the price of $12 each.

A nice recovery from a disaster.

Seems the Gaslight Market, just like the Transport Bar and the Greyhound Hotel, has become a victim of it's success, for us anyway.

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  1. I noticed that every time I went through the market when it was on. Saw quite a few nice items for sale(and other things). But at the same time too many people, especially when you have the wannabe yuppies trying to mingle around.