Sunday, January 23, 2005

Couple of days off

I finished work, today Sunday at 8.30pm and I don't start back until Wednesday, 2pm. I am determined to not just do shopping, lunch, house cleaning, body corp meetings (there is one Monday night and one Tuesday night) but something nice and pleasurable for myself.

Being a tourist in your own city is rewarding, so I have a plan. Well two, but I am usure as to which to choose until I look at timetables. Option one is a trip on the train to Williamstown. I have been there plenty of times by motor, but never by train. Agent Fare Evader has promised a report on the trip but has not done so yet.

The other option is a trip on a bus that goes past our place, the 216 to Caroline Springs. Will I be able to get a strong latte at the terminus before the return trip? Perhaps I will end up on the shore of large grass surrounded lake? Are there security guards to prevent the entry of non local people without a visitor pass?

If I do the train to Willie, my report won't compare to AFEs train trip reports, but I am a bit inclined to visit this mysterious Caroline Springs that has appeared on the local bus destinations.

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