Saturday, January 29, 2005

Against the order of nature

“Maaaate. You are pulling my leg? You put your food in this large metal box and light a kerosene burner under it and it keeps your food cold?”

"Yeah mate, modern technolgy is amazing".

They were talking about a fridge of days of old. No electricity required, just light the kerosene burner underneath.

Our house in Glen Iris had one when we moved there, but the previous owner took it with her and presumably sold it. We were left with the gas pipe sticking up through the floor.

Even more years ago when I was a kid in the country, a neighbour had one. It kept the food cold enough, but it wasn’t up to making ice.

Take air conditioners, (don’t take mine, I need it). I will never truly understand how the generation of heat results in us having a nice cool apartment. It is against the order of nature.

The best explanation that I have heard can be found at this great little site.

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