Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The electrics and dictators

Or as Zha Zha Gabor used to say in Green Acres, the electicical.

Now, earth leakage switches, power surge guards and residual electrical devices I am sure are saving lives and preventing injuries. But they come at a price. That is that they are very sensitive and the slightest upset can trip them.

Our iron is not very old but if left on for a long time, like a couple of hours, often it will trip a circuit. Aside from having to check if the vcr is set to record anything, resetting clocks, listening the guy inside the phone drone, 'Press and hold OGM button for out going message....' etc., the computer goes off.

No big deal, turn it on again, you think, but the mouse is upset and goes into pretend dead mode. Remedy is to shut down pc, unplug mouse receiver, start pc and plug mouse receiver back in. The keyboard is now dead, so press reset button on keyboard. Back in biz.

After putting up with this for some time, we decided to buy a new iron. Now normally I would not go near Harvey Norman as they tend to be on the expensive side, but as we were in QV in Melbourne, we thought we would have a look. They were too expensive and so big and as we were leaving, we spied a 'get rid of this at a special price, it is not selling' table.

And there sat an iron made by the well known electric iron manufacturer, Shark. It was a good price and had lots of features that we will never use, so we simply had to have it. It has a nice big tank, so not constantly refilling like the oldie, it glides beautifully over clothes and gets very hot, which you sometimes need. Plus a timer cut out, great for my partner who irons a shirt then sits down for half an hour, and a long cord.

We did not discover until we got home that it talks too. As we were taking it out of the elaborate packaging, it started to tell us of it's merits and features. Actually it was a disk with some moving pictures and a battery operated disk. Press the red button to hear about this product. Wow, 15 years ago the disk alone would have cost what the iron cost.

Now this is one mother of an iron but I wondered where it was made? After an extensive search, I found in tiny print, Made in PRC. Ah, maybe People's Republic of Checkoslavakia, but I was doubtful as I kinda recall, it was no more. Idiot said partner, China of course. Duh.

So, we hope our Shark gives us many years of ironing.

It started me thinking about the word republic. I must have been quite young, but I knew (the power of the press on a young mind) that republics were bad and bad things happened in them and they were ruled by despostic dictators and the people very repressed.

Hmmm, well with the exception of Ireland, perhaps my idea was not so wrong. I hope Australia becomes a republic sooner rather than later, but I hope we are not called The Republic of Australia. I like Commonwealth of Australia. It sounds very egalitarian.


  1. Anonymous11:58 am


    There are two mistakes in the first line of this article.
    The actress you mention spells her name Zsa Zsa, and, secondly, she did not appear in Greenacres - it was her sister Eva Gabor.
    A small quibble, I know, but important for the sake of accuracy.


  2. I knew Zsa Zsa was wrong and really did not know if the cop face slapper or the other. Stand corrected.