Sunday, October 03, 2004

DVD Player

Are we the last people in Australia to not have dvd player? Actually our computer has one, but since we don't have a normal dvd player, we don't have any dvds.

We have not hired a movie for years as we find enough on free to air tv usually and if there isn't something that interests us, there is usually something we have taped to watch.

But there is something about dvds I don't understand. Why to people buy movie dvds? I have a few favourite movies. My favourite I may have seen three or four times and may watch once more. But people have shelves lined with dvds. It is not like they are particularly cheap. Yep, if you have kiddies, I can understand them re watching stuff time after time. I can understand devoted Trekkie fans have a whole collection of episodes.

Picture this, a couple leaving the cinema. She says, that was fabulous movie. He says, did you really like it?. She says, loved it. He goes home, goes online to ezydvd and orders it. It arrives two days later. He presents it to her and they sit down and watch it again. It goes on the dvd shelf, is occasionally picked up and glanced at as they go through the collection trying to find something to watch. Sweetie, can't find anything that really appeals to me......I'll just pop down to the dvd shop and hire something. Two and a half hours later, that was a great movie.......we should buy it.

Is that how it works?

Roll on cheap hard drive recorders and movies on demand.

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  1. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Why buy a DVD ? My opinion : the economics are pretty easy to understand. By the time you walk out from seeing a film at a cinema, you've chalked up $25 or so on tickets, $8 or so on popcorn/drinks, $5 on petrol/tram/train, and maybe abother $5 on parking if you're going to the Jam Factory/Casino.

    I think you'll find that more market share is being stolen from the cinemas, as opposed to people who used to hire videos.