Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Marriage Poll

It is not something I thought about until recently, but what an odd thing it is for women to change their surnames when they get married. It just seems so possessive. I own you, you take my name. That's my opinion anyway.

While Oldest Niece is engaged to her partner of ten years, I doubt she will change her name when and if they marry. Their children have his surname.  Nephew's wife didn't change hers when they married. Ex Sis in Law did when she remarried, perhaps because she wanted to be rid of her former married name, my surname. Little Jo got both surnames of her mothers as a surname. It was supposed to be hyphen free, but I see a hyphen has been appearing of late.

Speaking of surnames, Hels' post on surnames was quite interesting. Extra interesting to see my surname in the post.

But here you go. You female readers, older or younger, would you now change your name and of course you are of the age when you first married? That's confusing. In 2018 society you are the age when you married.

The poll is anonymous but you can confess and rant in comments. Perhaps you still have the name of your former husband who you are not great friends with or even detest?

I am not sure if this poll will work, so if the post disappears, don't worry. I will try again.

Monday, June 18, 2018

What it is like to live with me

Look, this tv show has that woman on it, said I. R was perplexed.

There are many women in the world.

The boss one in the old people care facility place. She played a similar role in a comedy.

Err, yes, you are right.


R then replied, Moving On, that was the name.

I googled. No not Moving On, although I am reminded what a great tv series that was. R, that British comedian woman was in it. The one who was on what's his name's show. (I meant Stephen Fry but I could not think of his or her name or even the name of the show, QI).

A minute passed.

Jo Brand.

You've got it now. You were close dearest. It was Getting On, not Moving On. Did you know before Jo Brand entered the entertainment business, she was actually a psych nurse.


Doesn't that bloke in the show look like the Australian actor Lucky Grills?

Maybe not really.

There was no reply. I left him in peace with the Shakespeare and Hathaway, which I am half watching.

OMG, Doc Martin's wife in the show too. Later I worked out Louisa's real name is Caroline Catz.

And she who began it all, a very fine and restrained actor, Vicki Pepperdine.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Revisiting Docklands

Melbourne's Docklands redevelopment has generally been seen as a failure. Even the optimistic proponents suggest it will take a decade or more to come together. I first heard that about a decade ago, and it hasn't happened yet. You can make cities and towns and do them well, rather than allowing them to naturally grow, but neither has happened here.

The main problem was the almost carte blanche given to property developers. I suppose there was an overall plan, but you wouldn't know it. It is transforming over the years though, from an open windswept place to to a series of wind tunnels around buildings. There are so many new towers since I was last there and took any notice.

It is sometimes referred to as Divorcelands, where men who broken up with their partner go to live the high life. At other times it is referred to by another name, .....lands, that rhymes with dock.

Of the few apartments we have looked at there, they seem to be very small and the buildings like rabbit warrens.

No, not good value at all. The developers are holding the prices high for new apartments and sales off the plan*, but as soon as the new owner settles the money for property, they find it is not at all worth what they paid for it.

I think people have moved into this one, but there are still some finishing touches happening.

Diagonally opposite the shopping precinct known as Waterfront City that doesn't have a waterfront, a new park has been built. Not a bad effort.

The observation wheel behind Waterfront City.

Ah, but whoever is not as generous as it or they may seem. The new park is actually the roof of an underground car park.

Did you hear about our earthquake, disastrous for this building.

The developer must have liked the idea of a variation on London's Walkie Talkie building. I hope care was taken to not let the building (good read) fry things at ground level

There is quite a bit of public art, but I think it is a little like putting lipstick on a pig.

I am not convinced we are in the bush.

I can't remember why we went to Waterfront City but we found a very good deal on a small suitcase to use for one or two nights away. It has already been to Sydney. These animals are, I forget the word, but they move, not animated, is it animatronics?

Three times tram tracks have been moved at Docklands, no doubt to suit developers. I kind of like the old disconnected tracks remaining.

As a tram approaches these lamps in the bollards light red to warn pedestrians to look out.

The studios of television Channel 7, Melbourne.

I have no patience with commercial names for sporting venues. It is Docklands Stadium to me. It's been Telstra Dome, something else and is now Etihad (Airlines) Stadium. It rather divides the city proper from Docklands.

These have been here for a long time.

Is that colour menopausal mauve? The tent like sculptures are new to me.

One of Melbourne's ultra sleek and modern trams.

Here comes my tram. The free City Circle route provided by these around 70 year old W trams, is like a Q instead of a circle, with the tail of the Q being Docklands. God, I'd forgotten how noisy they are inside, and out.

* Off the plan means buying before the building is built and saving money in theory as you only pay State Government stamp duty, that is a tax applied to the purchase of a home, on the land, not what will be built there later. There are exemptions for old people downsizing, help for some if it is their first home and I think now overseas buyers pay higher stamp duty.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sock problem

Something a little lighter than the last post.

I arrived home and R did not hear me come in. I dumped my work bag on the table and took off my shoes. You home ducks?, I called out. He was in his bedroom. He called back, don't walk on the kitchen floor. I have just bleached it and it may not be dry. Oh.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Once again we are very disturbed

This was scheduled for the usual time of 5am, but with topical matters, the striking needs to be done while the iron is hot.

I am not a male, male hating feminist, if there is such a thing. I rather like blokes, as you probably know. Once again, this matter is receiving huge publicity, but there are many similar crimes that don't. It helps if you are a little bit famous or well connected.

A woman walking home from work through a Melbourne park was tragically raped and killed a few days ago. Poor Eurydice Dixon, and how awful for her family. It is an unimaginably horrible way to die. Once again people are choosing their words very poorly and the police force should know better. While you and I may choose to not walk through a park late at night, Eurydice was doing so in one of the safest and highly populated  areas of Melbourne, itself a very safe city. A male teenager was quickly arrested and has been charged.

What we have to remember is that we live in a very large city and crimes like this are abnormal, rare enough to always generate huge headlines. That is of course of little consolation to anyone directly affected or whoever changes what they do in life, but it needs to be noted.  As R saliently pointed out, perhaps with minimal evidence, in the past the accused may well have been under heavy monitoring, if not in some kind of mental health care institution. Setting the mentally unwell free from institutions, as has happened over the last three decades, is fine in theory, but they do need personalised care and it costs money, our taxes.

Here are a few apt things I came across on Twitter, where perhaps the old phrase could be resurrected, she was asking for it.

Let's leave the last word to the late former Prime Minister of Israel.