Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Albany

Orbanie or albanie. We use both in Australia but in this case, it is orbanie. There was a gay pub called The Albany in Sydney's Oxford Street where we may have spent some time in the 1990s.

However this Albany is in Toorak Road West, South Yarra and was once a private home then turned into hotel accommodation quite a long time ago, I think as what looks to be 1960s addition was attached to the hotel. The addition has been demolished and I have no idea what will be built on the site. Obviously the former Victorian period home will remain.....ah, well, it would be a crime if it did not.

Far left is that damn St Kilda Road high rise again.

To the right in the photo was the now demolished addition.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Where to for coffee

There are rare days when we don't have much to do and don't have anything planned. Hey, we need to get out, for a little while at least. One of our favoured things to do on such a day is have coffee and a bite to eat at Station Pier. Sometimes there are sea creatures to see in the water. There is always people to see. Gosh, once we lucked it when is was open day for the renovated Spirit of Tasmania, a ferry across Bass Strait to our island state, Tasmania.

Station Pier is quite historic, aside from being a cargo landing place, it was also the place for passenger ships to arrive and depart, as do cruise liners today, and where so many immigrants to Australia arrived.

This old crane looked to be in good shape and noted there were lights for night time illumination.

There is a beach there too. Note the lovely blue skies? Nevertheless, it was cold, around 13 degrees.

Well, not really a beach.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My most popular post

Most popular by the number of comments, that is. Thankfully my blog has a lot more than these fairly off the cuff posts. For a while it was neck and neck between Time to go Macca and when I apparently insulted actor Luke Halpin who played Sandy in the tv show Flipper. Time to go Macca is now up to 84 comments, and while I normally reply to comments, I have not in every case for that post. There has been a resurgence in comments after Tony Delroy of the radio show Nightlife announced his retirement.  

Seven years after I wrote Time to go Macca, he is still there on ABC nation wide radio every Sunday morning. My opinion from back then stands. He is simply an incompetent broadcaster and should not be employed by our ABC. Melbourne is a bit unusual as we were late comers to Macca. While the rest of Australia, I think, were receiving Macca on a Sunday morning, we had our own local Sunday morning arts programme.

Our ABC has been known to sack hungover radio newsreaders, yet still the bumbling and can't string a sentence together Macca broadcasts on. The programme content for Sunday mornings on the national braodcast radio is not broken. It is the host that should have never sat behind behind a microphone that is wrong.

My two bob's worth

As you might know, I don't care two hoots about gay marriage personally, but it it is important to many people, least of all Sister who married Bone Doctor in Canberra before former Prime Minister John Howard shut it down with special legislation. Sister and Bone Doctor were legally married for a few days.

The later former Prime Minister, The Abbott, proposed a plebiscite about gay marriage; that is asking the Australian people if they wanted legislated gay marriage. Given the approval rating for gay marriage is around 70%, why??? Polling figures from Christians, from non believers in religion and from other religions have approval figures of over 50%. It should be a simple vote in parliament. Our Prime Minister personally approves of gay marriage, so we can only conclude he is stymied by his piss weak party members who are beholden to the old school, like Howard and Abbott.

There are so many really important things to focus on for political parties in Australia, but instead our the Liberals, our conservative party in power, waste their time on debating gay marriage and want to spend upwards of $160 million on a non binding plebiscite vote by the people of Australia. If strongly Catholic countries such as Spain and Mexico, not exactly first world countries, have legalised gay marriage against opposition from 'Rome', it should not be a problem here.

So, if Australia has to wait longer for gay marriage to be legal after there is political agreement, so be it and forget about this absurd plebiscite, which I think I will find to be personally quite embarrassing.

We acquired it

No, I am not using a posh word for bought. Somehow, somewhere, someday, we acquired this device which I call a foot roller and it marvellous for treating sore feet that have walked a lot and you don't have to roll your feet on it for long. So River, I did eventually remember to ask R where it was after I had taken a long walk, well long for me. I wish I could tell you where to get one but neither of us have any memory of where it came from.