Friday, June 23, 2017

A sweet little video for Friday

It is a sweet and not very long video, perhaps spoilt by the silly line, 'no one could prepare me for the last photo'. I think it was quite obvious where the series of photos was heading. His wife got quite fed up with him and his silly photos and on photo day, went off for a dirty weekend to Bognor Regis with the young bloke who has always done the real gardening work. 'Stephan, your muscly arms...'.

Seriously, the photos could so obviously speak for themselves.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

How can this woman go on

I thought Margaret Court may have slipped up with an unfortunate phrasing of words. It is not such a thing at all. She has added grist to the mill with a continuation of even more extreme comments about gay people, adding more recently transgender people to her list. I don't understand transgender stuffs, but if that is how people are, then so be it. The worry about that remark is that I don't understand pedophilia either, but not so be it. There are many things I don't understand.

Mrs? Miss? Ms? Court was to speak tonight at a Liberal Party fundraiser. There were protesters who tried to block her way, but the sheer fact that the Liberal Party are paying her to speak at a fundraiser disappoints me greatly. I don't know if the protesters prevented her saying disappointing and hating words. The conservative Liberal Party has always had gay members. They just weren't out there. Now one or two are. And the big one, an important Minister, has still not come out. It is to the party's shame that it sups with the devil, aka, Court.

I don't how and when or how it will be phrased, but a source indicates to me that the tennis court, Margaret Court Arena, will be renamed, as it should be............and I might add should never have been named after her in the first place. Her views were already known.

Tiresome Job

I am getting awfully fed up by work. Ten years ago it was known as a 'follow up', to see how well you were performing in your job. Then it became 'refresher' to refresh your skills but there was little of that. Next, it changed to 'employee development day'. In its latest guise, 'periodic employee review'.  Naturally, acronyms are used, such as EDD and the latest, PER. No one ever tells you what these stand for, but in time you find out.

I have my own acronym about work. FFS, leave me alone to do my job.

Yes, I am in a bad mood. It happens every so often that I suffer from back pain, usually brought on by a combination of things, so far as I can tell. It is the typical lower back pain at the base of my spine and it has gone on for over a week now. No doubt it is related to sitting for long periods at work, but something does set it off, and I suppose I am not good at not doing things that aggravate it, such as washing and changing my bedding. Bending to pump water from the air con drip tray. I thought I was nearly ok, but then last night at midnight, I woke up in terrible pain and eventually found a very unnatural sleeping position for me, on my left side, that stopped the pain.  It will heal. At R's behest, I began taking Voltaren Rapid 25, which do seem to help.  But I worry that if they kill the pain, then I will do things that will further aggravate my back and not feel the pain that would tell me to stop.

In the bigger picture of life and the tragedies around the world, and worries closer to home like a missing Angel, a little back pain is neither here nor there, but it does reduce my tolerance of the bureaucratic nonsense in my workplace. Also at work, apparently as a result of the Amenities Committee fighting with the Social Club, the Christmas in July dinner dance has been cancelled. I had no intention of going anyway.  You can tell I work with a lot of people from the subcontinent when they organise a dinner dance. Actually, I remember such occasions from my childhood and they were great events. Now what was the difference between a dinner dance and a supper dance?

Good to add photos to a post. Here are a couple taken at work.

Red is such a problematic colour when exposed to the elements. The world is full of cars with fading red paintwork.

If you are a blogger and a nazi spelling and grammar type, then be aware, I will be wathching your every word. You will make an error one day and I won't say mention it but I will feel some self satisffaction. So, he/she is not perfect after all. Nevertheless, I expect professionals to be professional and I have no tolerance for errors in professional publications. Would you trust the financial organisation that produced this poster? (in actual fact, credit unions are so highly regulated, they are probably the most trustworthy of our financial institutions, and they are community based).

R tells me to give up work, but given I won't get a pension for another seven plus years, I worry so much that I don't have enough money to support myself until then, and even if I do, maybe there will be no spare money left over to supplement my pension. While we don't go without and do spend on holidays, our lives are quite modest in comparison to some people's. Because I have always worked, I have never had to worry big time about money, but if I give up work, is that when the worry begins? 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Wonders

I think in a general way, mass personal transport on roads has been generally a failure in the world.

Lucky there is no coal or oil under this amazing formation.

Better as a honeymoon cottage for you and your lust person.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More on the London Fire

I think it was 2009 when power was cut to our building because a bushfire burned through a major electricity cable somewhere in the state. I was stuck in a lift with a famous bearded media person's then wife and a building cleaner. Famous bearded media person is now a politician. I subsequently learnt that the lift emergency lighting should have lasted for twenty minutes. The lighting did last in the other lift, but our lift lighting went off after a couple of minutes. This raises the question, can we trust people who maintain safety systems? Scarily, I think not.

British Prime Minister May has announced an enquiry into the fire. There is no need. It is obvious as to what happened, and it was serious lack of care and negligence by the local council, underlined by poor government regulation and poor inspection standards .

I have read enough to make a conclusion that in Britain, well some parts of it, the fire regulations are quite unique. That is, do not evacuate when there is a fire. Each flat is self contained, insulated from fire in another flat. In the case of this Grenfell Tower fire, there was only one stair set and firefighters did not want to be blocked as they attend a fire by residents streaming down the stairs and out of the building. Remember, each flat is fire protected from a fire in another flat.

But what seems to have happened in the recent renovation of Grenfell Tower is that the individual boxing or isolation of individual flats was breached, extremely. Add to that, the installation of an outer covering with panels of aluminum on the outside and a flammable material between the panels, it ending up being a recipe for disaster.

These panels put on buildings in renovations are used to improve the building's insulation. At times panels are attached directly to the building, which can cause mould and damp issues, and at times there is an air gap.

I suggest that any old high rise building that undergoes a major renovation should have a sprinkler and stair positive air pressure system, at the very least. Sprinklers cost and they can be ugly when retrofitted, but at least you don't die.

The panels that clad Grenfell Towers were two sheets of aluminium with an synthetic insulating material in between the sheets. The synthetic material was not fire resistant. In cold climates is a cheaper way of insulating buildings. Here in Australia where we don't need such insulation from the cold. It is used for aesthetic/cheap/developer profits purposes.

Now you tell me if I am not talking commonsense. How on earth around the whole world are the exteriors of tall buildings allowed to be clad with a combustible material that can race flames up the exteriors of a building in minutes???

In my city, we have seen a non fatal example of the problem. In Britain, we see a very fatal result.

Around the world of big business has been let off the leash and indulged in such poor construction and renovation in the guise of a reduction of red tape for capitalism. There was a time when strict regulation was needed and required. Yet even back in the 70s, buildings like Grenfell Towers were built without sprinkler systems when it was very obvious that sprinklers were being installed in some buildings.

Not that Australia can be holier than thou, but what happened in London is a disgrace. Sixty people dead? One hundred dead? It is a moot point. That the block went up like a bonfire is damning to all levels of government and the building trade involved.

Britain knows well the dangers of fire. The Great London Fire in the 1600s. Bradford stadium many dead. The Kings Cross Station escalator fire, again so many dead. It is a criminal disgrace and well have the police launched a criminal investigation.